June 22, 2010

Law School Grads and Jobs

Law students are having a tough time finding jobs when they graduate, so this law school has decided to help its students by artificially inflating their grade point averages.

What's also alarming is what they're doing for this student:

“For people like me who have good grades but are not in the super-elite, there are not as many options for getting a job in advance,” said Zachary Burd, 35, who just graduated from Southern Methodist University. A Dallas family law firm will receive $3,500 to “test drive” him this August.

“They’ll get me for a month or two, for free, to try me out,” he said. “It’s safer for them, and it’s a good foot in the door for me.”

They're having to go to great lengths to get jobs for their grads, aren't they?

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