September 2, 2010

Help for Learning Foreign Languages

We live in a global economy now, and it's important that our children be able to speak more than one language in order to communicate with their coworkers and customers some day.

Here's a site that's a portal to all sorts of free online help in learning a foreign language. Why not expose your children to a new language and stretch their minds? Kids pick up languages more quickly than adults do....they may end up teaching you!


Carol J. Alexander said...

Thanks for the link, Barbara. We've struggled with foreign language quite a bit. And we live in a town that is a large part hispanic. But, no matter how hard I tried to make my kids learn spanish, my son goes to Haiti and learns creole well enough in 6 months to preach in church. He's convinced me that immersion is the way to go.

Barbara Frank said...

I agree about immersion, Carol. I taught my older kids Spanish, but my son didn't really take off with it until he started going on missions to Mexico.

You make a good point!