February 8, 2011

Questioning the Need for a Degree

Questioning the need for everyone to earn a college degree in the new economy has hit the mainstream, with Harvard University's Graduate School of Education issuing a report stating that the push for "college for all" may actually hurt young people.

This contrasts strongly with President Barack Obama's 2009 State of the Union address, where he said:

...this country needs and values the talents of every American.  That is why we will provide the support necessary for you to complete college and meet a new goal:  by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

So who's right? Parents need to do their research and also determine if their children are college material. Given the high (and rising) cost of college, the decision is more crucial than ever.


Michael Price said...

Of course not being college material might not mean they're stupid or even not brilliant. It might simply mean that they learn by doing and/or that they want to get doing as soon as possible.

Barbara Frank said...

Absolutely, Michael. People like Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft are living proof that some of the smartest people aren't college grads.

Unless a person is highly motivated to go to college and desires a career that requires a college degree, it's probably wiser to do something besides going to college, especially considering the economic times we live in.

Thanks for weighing in!