May 24, 2011

Resources for Questions About College in the 21st Century

If you have children who want to attend college, or children whom you want to attend college (there is a difference), you'll need to be as prepared as possible to navigate the increasingly complicated process of making the college decision. Economist Gary North has prepared a webpage with an assortment of very helpful and thought-provoking links. Check it out HERE.


JoJo Tabares said...

I have a few also on my site. My dd wrote a book for homeschoolers, a guide to preparing for college from a homeschool perspective. It gives info on many aspects but one will save money. She talks about which prep books are worth it and which are not. I also have several communication studies that will prepare students to do better in class and in leadership as well as sharing and defending the faith while in college. This has become a real concern even for faithful Christians as they face, sometimes for the first time, those questioning and even hostile to the Christian faith.

Barbara Frank said...

Great information, JoJo, and what a smart daughter you have. I encourage everyone to check out JoJo's site (click her name) to learn more about these resources.