January 5, 2011

Are You Preparing Your Children to Work Around the World?

These days, American companies are creating more jobs overseas than in the U.S. As a result, many of our young people will find themselves traveling around the world for their work.

That's why they should learn to speak a foreign language (or two) while they're young, when additional languages are easiest to learn. Even if foreign languages aren't taught at your children's school, there are plenty of ways to help them pick up a language on the side, even as part of their play.

In my upcoming book, Thriving in the 21st Century, you'll find ideas for raising bilingual children who can work outside the U.S. if necessary....and it's becoming clear that for some of our children, it will be necessary.

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carol j. Alexander said...

sounds great, Barb but I'd like to add my two cents. I took 3 years of highschool Spanish and was in the Spanish National Honor Society. I never retained any of it because I never used it. As a mom I went with my three teens to Spanish classes. Still can't speak to the waiter at the local Spanish restaurant. Neither can my kids. Now my son has been in Haiti for a year and speaks Creole well enough to preach in it. He's convinced immersion is the way to go. That said, back up your curriculum with a lot of interaction with people that speak that language as their first, and never stop.