April 22, 2011

"The Economic Folly of a College Degree"

Finally, more people are admitting that a college degree is not the guarantee for future success that so many people thought it was. Take this op-ed piece, for instance. The author explains that even citizens of other countries are seeing that a college degree does not make a person smart or hardworking. I'm glad to see that more writers are sharing this information because, as I explain in Thriving in the 21st Century, most of our children will not need a college degree in the new economy.


Krissi said...

I agree with the 2 excerpts of your book that I read. It is precisely why I am home educating my daughters, so they will have the freedom to discover who God made them. And to be creative in the process! I look forward to hearing more about your book.

Barbara Frank said...

Thanks, Krissi! Look for more excerpts in the near future :)