April 5, 2011

Entrepreneurial Kids Finding Success

The high unemployment rate of the past few years has been particularly hard on teens, who are at the age where they're eager to get started on their working lives.

These teens decided to be proactive by starting their own businesses, and the results they've gotten will encourage your teens. Send them the article link; it may be just the inspiration needed to get going on a dream.


JoJo Tabares said...

It's a tough market out there and in ARIDzona there isn't much of the year where anyone can stand being outside for any length of time. Most people don't have grass either so the yard work is much more involved. Very few kids have lemonade stands here. Waaay too hot in the summers. I can see online businesses as an option for my young son when he's old enough. My dd had an in to find a job. She became a black belt in Karate and then was paid to teach there. That worked out very well.

Barbara Frank said...

Glad your daughter found work, JoJo. I know of someone in AZ who started a business rehabbing foreclosed homes and he's quite busy. There are opportunities out there, but they take some work to find.