April 15, 2011

Teens' Unemployment Rate Now 25%

Working teens get an education that they could never receive at school or home. They learn a variety of skills in addition to working for someone besides their parents. The pay is just a bonus. All teens should work.

But it's getting harder for them to find jobs. A recent study found that 1/4 of today's teens ages 16-19 can't find work. This is a shame, as they're missing out on learning so many things that they'll need to know as adults.

If your teen can't find a job, encourage him or her to create a job by finding unmet needs in your neighborhood. Many a teen has made good money by washing cars, walking dogs or watering gardens.


JoJo Tabares said...

Another good way is to take their hobby and work it into a job. My dd was a black belt in karate. Part of her training was to learn to train others. She did that for NO pay for a few years while earning her black belt. When we moved, she was hired by another studio to teach with pay. Both of the "jobs" taught her and gave her experience that she could put on her resume as well as on her college application!

Barbara Frank said...

Sounds like you raised a smart girl, JoJo :)